You can help stop a thief by participating in OPERATION IDENTIFICATION. This program requires a small amount of time and effort on your part, and involves marking and then inventorying your property. Marking denies the would-be thief a market for stolen items as well as deters by increasing the likelihood of a thief being caught in possession of stolen items. OPERATION IDENTIFICATION also works when your property is recovered and helps you identify it so it can be returned to you.

An inventory of your valuables provides you with a record of the necessary information you will need to give to the authorities when and if you are victimized. A form to assist you with this can be picked up from Campus Safety.

Items to include are your MP3 players, video game consoles and games, computers, or any other items you value.

Most items are easily marked utilizing an electric engraver, which is available for use in the Office of Campus Safety located in Owens House. If you have an item that is too large or impracticable to bring in, let Campus Safety know and we will make arrangements to bring the engraver to you.

If you have questions or would like further information about OPERATION IDENTIFICATION, please contact Campus Safety.