October 1, 2019  FAST system opens for textbook adoptions            
October 20, 2019    Last day for textbook adoptions through the FAST system
October 22, 2019        Problem titles identified and list provided by eCampus to Greenville University (problem titles are editions that are out of print, low availability, etc.)
October 31, 2019  Deadline for faculty to choose what they want to do with problem titles (choose new edition, choose different book, maintain selection)
November 1, 2019Master List sent by eCampus to Greenville University so that faculty can preview ordering site and verify selections (will see what students see on ordering portal)
November 8, 2019    Deadline for changes to book list.  Additions accepted as needed after this date, but removals may be subject to penalty based on return privileges with publishers
November 11, 2019Virtual Bookstore LIVE for students