To be allowed to drive a Greenville University vehicle you must: 

  • be on the GU Approved Driver List

    • Have a valid driver's license that has been in effect for at least two years

    • Have had no more than two moving violations in the last five years and, if for speeding, none were for 15 mph or more
    • Allow GU or the insurance carrier to run a motor vehicle report on you by completing the Driving Application Agreement form: Driving App Agreement
  • To drive a GU activity bus, you must meet all the requirements above and be at least 21 years of age

If you are accepted as a GU driver, you must agree to:

  • Use seat belts and ensure all your passengers use the occupant restraints
  • Use vehicles for University business only
  • You will not allow family members or friends to ride in University vehicles, unless it is a requirement for University business - if a University business trip also includes personal business, a personal vehicle will be driven and reimbursement will be made upon completion of the appropriate paperwork, which includes authorized signatures
  • Will obey traffic laws, ordinances and regulations and use safe driving practices always - drive the vehicle at speeds appropriate for road conditions
  • Assume all responsibility for all fines or traffic violations associated with the use of a University owned vehicle, rented vehicle, or privately-owned vehicle while on University business
  • Not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Report any accident as soon as possible on this Auto Accident Report
  • Will not discuss who is or is not at fault with persons at the scene of an accident