As we continue to streamline the applicant tracking and recruiting process, we need YOUR help in capturing notes on every candidate interviewed.  We have put together some helpful templates we ask that you utilize in the interviewing process.  These guides provide consistent questions and scoring matrix for you to more effectively compare candidates and capture notes.  You can always ask additional questions, but these provide a start. 


As an Equal Opportunity employer we collect and maintain records on the following Pre-Employment documents for compliance:

  • Job applications and resumes (HR Coordinator can access from our ATS)
  • Interview notes
  • Offer letters (generated through PAF for “H” hire or “C” Change process – offer letter created by HR Coordinator)

If you are actively interviewing candidates for one of the current job postings on our website , please utilize the attached template for candidates interviewed (we understand our faculty search committees utilize a different form ) and submit all interviewing notes to the HR Department upon completion of the interview process for the posted position.  


These notes would need to come not only from the hiring manager, but also any other support staff participating in the interviewing process.


We greatly appreciate your support to maintain detailed and complete notes on every candidate interviewed for a position within your department.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to .