General Regulations

  • Only passengers on official Greenville University business are allowed to ride in Greenville University vehicles.
  • Driver and Passengers must follow all federal and state laws at all time, including, but not limited to:

    • Number of passengers in the vehicle.

    • Seatbelt Usage

  • Front passenger seat: On any trip with one or more passengers, drivers should make sure that the front passenger seat is occupied and that the person sitting in this seat remains awake. Drivers should remind this passenger that it is his or her responsibility to help the driver stay alert and to assist with directions and maps.

  • Trailers: Special permission must be obtained from the Risk Management & Insurance Coordinator before pulling trailers behind any fleet vehicle.

  • Speed Limit: At no time should a University fleet vehicle or rental vehicle be driven at a speed greater than the posted speed limit.

  • Cell phones: No drivers will use cell phones at any time while vehicles are in motion or while waiting at stoplights, stop signs, traffic jams, etc. Cell phones are only to be used by passengers or by drivers who have pulled over and stopped in a safe location.

  • Medications: No drivers, before or during trips, will use medications, alcohol, drugs or other substances that may cause drowsiness or other physical or mental impairment.

  • Hitchhikers: Picking up hitchhikers is not permitted.

  • Weather Conditions: ┬áDrivers and Departmental Sponsors of student trips are responsible to obtain weather information before and during daily travel to determine if road or weather conditions present hazards along their planned travel route. If University vehicles are already on the road and weather conditions become hazardous, the Sponsor must stop the trip, delay or cancel travel planned for that day, and ensure the safety of all passengers and drivers.

Driving Time Limits Guidelines:

  • Driving time limits for all University-licensed drivers are:
    • Daytime travel: three (3) hours at one time without a break
    • Nighttime travel: two (2) hours at one time without a break
    • Within 15 minutes of reaching a driving limit, the driver should exit the highway to a safe rest area. ┬áThe driver must take at least a 15-minute break before resuming driving, or else another University-licensed driver who has not been driving must assume driving responsibilities.