Pre- and Post-trip inspections

Pre-trip inspections:  Drivers should not operate a vehicle until they complete a pre-trip inspection, including a dent and damage check.  Drivers should be satisfied that all necessary parts and components are in good working order.  If any damage is found upon the pre-trip inspection, take pictures of the damage and forward them to immediately.  If the department using this vehicle before you has not reported the damage, they will receive a fine for not reporting the damage.  (See University Fines below).

Post-trip inspections:  Post-trip inspections will be conducted by drivers following each trip. Unusual noises, awkward operation, or other problems should be reported on the trip report. Also be sure to remove all personal articles and trash from the vehicle before locking it and turning the trip reports and vehicle keys in to the Student Accounts office upon your return to campus.

University Fines (Charged to Department):

Failure to give 24-hr. cancellation notice$25

Taking vehicle early/returning it late$50

Failure to turn in trip report and keys within 24 hours of trip return$25

Cleaning fee$40

Failure to report a collision$500

Policy added as of 5/21/18