Skip the waiting room and take advantage of Teladocs!

This benefit is FREE to all employees who are currently covered on one of the four medical plans!  

That's right!  No Copay! No Deductible!

Remote healthcare can treat many common health issues.  Here is a small sample of things they have treated in the last year:

Abdominal Pains/CrampsCoughPink Eye
AbscessCroupPoison Ivy/Oak
Acid RefluxDiarrheaRash
AllergiesDizzinessRespiratory Infection
ArthritisEye Infection/IrritationSinusitis
AsthmaFeverSkin Injury
BackacheFluSore Throat
Blood Pressure IssuesGasSprains & Strains
Bowel/Digestive IssuesHeadache/MigraineTonsillitis
CellulitisHerpesVaginal/Mentrual Issues
ColdJoint Pain/SwellingYeast Infection