Cash Advances/Travel Expenses

ALL travel expenses must be accounted for within 14 days of the trip's return, with a valid receipt, or you will be taxed on the advance. NO REMINDERS to turn in receipts will be sent. If you are distributing the advance to students for meal money, you will need to then have students sign a sheet of paper indicating that they did indeed receive the money. Cash advances may not be used for honorariums. An Accounts Payable Consolidated Check Request (attached) should be submitted to pay individuals for services rendered.

To request an advance for travel purposes:

· Plan ahead. Cash/Travel Advance Requests must be submitted by the end of the day Tuesday of each week for payment on Friday via direct deposit.

· Budget manager's signature is required. If the budget manager is the one making the request for travel advance, then the supervisor’s signature is required. - No signature stamps allowed

After your Trip:

· Submit a new Accounts Payable Consolidated Request Form for Cash Advance Return

· Attach valid receipts (original vendor receipt, not credit card receipt or statement), showing the date, vendor’s name, a description of the services provided, the total expenses, including tips (if applicable) and full account number.

· Return to Accounts Payable along with unused cash within 14 days of the trips return to avoid tax implications