Steps to ensure you make the best use of your medical plan: 

  1. If you haven’t already, before seeing your doctor, submit the Provider Nomination Form to ClaimDOC and receive approval.
  2. When making your appointment, confirm their acceptance of ClaimDOC’s agreement.
  3. Pay copay only at the time of your visit (if applicable).
  4. Once you receive a bill, check for the Claim Detail (EOB). You are responsible for the “patient responsibility” portion. If your doctor bills you more than the “Patient Responsibility” amount, forward a copy of the bill and the Claim Detail to your Member Advocate at ClaimDOC. (You can find the instructions to download a Claims Detail here.) If you are unsure who this is, email or call (888) 330-7295 for assistance.


Please be advised: Non-Participating Providers are those in any of the following circumstances:

  • They have advised that members will be self-pay or asked to pay for any amount above their applicable copay at the time of service.
  • They have advised that anyone with this insurance will be turned away from service.
  • They have advised that their office does not accept insurance of any kind.


Please note: If a provider indicates they are unwilling to participate, ClaimDOC’s Provider Relations team will reach out and attempt to secure a contractual agreement before they fully move the provider to a non-participating status.

Should you have any questions or concerns at any time about benefits information, please contact:

Eric Baker
Senior Benefits Administrator

Main: 713.289.6200
Tel/Txt/Fax: 713.289.6215