D2L is a powerful tool that can assist in streamlining your course content organization and grading, but you must be aware that as you create and add content to your course, you also have to set up the grade book according to your course objectives and planned assessments. In addition to that, you must connect the grade items from your grade book to the assessments you are creating. You can do that in a number of ways, based on how you prefer to construct and organize your courses. Once you have connected all the elements, you will be able to let D2L do some of the work of reporting and organizing for you, but it requires some effort on the front end of your course design and set up at the beginning of the term. If you are intentional in the way you construct these parts of your D2L course, you will benefit later in the term as your time can be focused on instruction and quality feedback rather than organization.  

Please view this Solutions page as an illustration of the relationship between Grades, Assessments, and Content within D2L rather than a "how-to" guide for building your course. 

One option is to start with your grade book and create all the grade items you know will be included. Then, as you create the assessments, you will see the option to connect them to an existing grade item. 

Alternatively, as you create each assessment item within your D2L course, you may also create a new grade item to represent it in your grade book. 

Additionally, adding new content to your course allows you to "post" the assessment items that already exist, so when a student clicks on the module, the assessment is part of the content in addition to being available in the different assessment locations in the course. 


A news item can also be linked to an existing assessment or piece of content you've added by using the Quicklinks insert tool. 

If you need more assistance in making D2L work for you, please contact ctl@greenville.edu to work with someone in the Center for Teaching and Learning.