Purchasing Policy

To make purchases, you must obtain the appropriate approvals before making the purchase. The authorization levels are:

    Up to $749 – Departmental

    $750 to $4,999 – Departmental + President's Council Member approval

    $5,000 and greater – Departmental + President's Council Member + CFO approval


Each department’s purchasing policy is determined by your President's Council member. Please consult with your President's council member for their preferred purchasing process. 

If a vendor requires a written purchase order, you may download and use this Purchase Order Template.


Walmart Purchases

To make purchases from Walmart, please follow the instructions found here: Walmart Tax Exempt Instructions

Amazon Purchases

GU has a corporate Amazon account which allows tax-exempt purchases for business-related purchases. To be added as a purchaser on the GU Amazon account, please send your request to jo.branscome@greenville.edu. Once you have been added as a buyer, you can make tax-exempt business purchases by logging into Amazon with your work email and selecting the items you need. If the vendor is located in a state in which GU has a sales tax exemption, the taxes will be removed from your cart at check-out.