Q: What is the Textbook Butler Service?

A: Greenville College partners with Tree of Life to offer this service that is all about convenience: It's the right books, on time, at a competitive price, delivered straight to you. Plus, it's risk-free--you can return any book you don't want during the first week of classes, without penalty. By default, all existing students in participating academic programs are opted-in to the Textbook Butler program. You will receive rental books by default. This means that unless you specifically change your preference before fall semester, you will automatically receive your books and you will be charged for them. If you choose to opt-out, you will have the option to buy books with a credit card at https://greenville.treeoflifebooks.com, however, Tree of Life cannot guarantee book availability for non-Butler students. Through the Textbook Butler Service you can choose to rent, purchase used books, purchase new books, or opt-out of the program entirely. Book charges are applied to your student account.

Q: What Greenville College programs use the Tree of Life Textbook Butler service?

A: All academic programs except our MBA/MSM and Degree Completion programs (Organizational Leadership, Health Psychology, Criminal Justice and Business Administration) students will be opted in to the Textbook Butler program by default. This means if you are a traditional undergraduate student, UTEP student, or participating in one of the School of Education Masters programs including endorsements, you will receive rented books unless you change your preferences through the Textbook Butler Service portal.  

Q: Am I required to participate in the Textbook Butler service?

A: No, you do not have to participate. However, you must set your preferences to opt out of the program in the Textbook Butler Service portal, otherwise book charges will appear on your student account. 

Q: How do I opt out of the Textbook Butler rental program?

A: Go to Textbook Butler Service portal. You will be able to enter you school email address and a link will be sent to you so that you can change your preferences from opt-in to opt-out.

Q: Will my books be covered by financial aid if I choose to use the Textbook Butler service? What about if I opt-out of the rental program and buy books on my own?

Each student’s situation will be different. If you have remaining financial aid funds (from your grants, scholarship or loans) after all your other charges are paid, you may potentially use that money to cover the cost of books. We recommend reaching out to the Financial Aid office to check about available funding for textbooks.

Q: I'm attending traditional undergraduate courses that meet on campus. How do I receive my textbooks?

A: If you are opted-in to the Textbook Butler program, you will automatically receive your textbooks as rentals. If you live in campus housing, your books will be delivered to your room during New Student Orientation (Monday, August 29). If you live off campus, your books will be delivered to the mailroom for pickup. If you have books that arrive after the initial delivery (backordered books, late added courses, etc.), they will be delivered to the mailroom whether you live on or off campus.

Q: I'm attending courses in the UTEP program or one of the School of Education Masters/Endorsement courses. How do I receive my textbooks?

A: Students in the UTEP and Masters/Endorsement programs will have books delivered to their home address or other book delivery address as requested. Students who remain opted in will have their textbooks shipped to the address that passes to Tree of Life in the data files from Greenville. They will receive a shipping address confirmation email one week prior to shipment (Two weeks prior to course/section start date) which will contain a link back to Greenville’s site for them to update/change their shipping address. Tree of Life will assess a $19.99 shipping fee per section.

Book orders will be generated based on the section start date and shipping charges are applied per section.  For example, if a student is enrolled in two sections of UTEP classes both having a 8/29 start date, orders will generate for all required books of those sections and the shipping charge will be $19.99 per section (i.e: $39.98 for this shipment).  For a student enrolled in MAE-Reading with progressive section start dates, shipping would be charged $19.99 per section as the orders are progressively generated (i.e: student enrolled in 1 section 8/2 start date - shipping charge $19.99; 1 section 9/20 start date - shipping charge $19.99; 1 section 11/8 start date - shipping charge $19.99). Expedited (rush order) shipping costs will apply to students who fail to register before regular shipment date of texts associated with enrolled courses. Fees will be $29.99 per section.

Q: I'm enrolled in multiple programs that participate in the textbook rental program (Ex: Traditional undergraduate and UTEP). Do I have to set preferences for each program?

A: · Yes, in an unusual case where a student is enrolled in courses in multiple programs (Tree of Life refers to different programs as "divisions") that are participating in the rental program, the student will select opt-in preferences for each division. Since the MBA/MSM and Degree Completion programs do not participate in the rental program, you would not need to set preferences for those divisions.

Q: How do I return my textbooks?

A: If you rented your books (the default option), you can ship your books back to Tree of Life for free. Just log in to your online account at https://greenville.treeoflifebooks.com/ and click My Account > My Rentals . Select the books you want to return, and the system will walk you through the process. You will be provided with a prepaid shipping label.

If you bought your books and would like to sell them back, visit http://buyback.treeoflifebooks.com. Enter the ISBN of each of your books and Tree of Life will tell you how much they're paying for it. You'll receive a prepaid shipping label to send your books to Tree of Life for free.

Rented course materials must be returned to Tree of Life, postmarked within 10 days of the end of each semester. Textbooks not returned within this timeframe, including a situation in which you would like to go ahead and purchase the rented materials, will be billed for buyout cost, as determined by Tree of Life. Returns between 10 and 30 days will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. No returns after 30 days. Charges for unreturned books will be applied to student accounts.

Q: What condition must my books be in to return and receive a full refund if I decide to opt out at the beginning of the term?

A: Textbooks can ONLY be returned to Tree of Life, postmarked within 10 days of course start date for a full refund. Books must still be shrink wrapped in order to qualify for the full refund, minus any shipping charges.

Q: Can I write or highlight in my rented textbook if I plan to use it for the term?

A:  Definitely. We want you to treat the book like it’s your own. Do be courteous, however, and remember that someone will be using that book after you, so don’t go overboard and ruin the experience for the next renter.

Q: Can I opt-in to the rental program but only select books for certain courses?

A: You can opt-in to the rental program and then send back the books you don't want to rent. They must be returned shrink wrapped and within the 10 day period after course start date.

Q: What if I drop a class?

A: If you drop a class, contact Tree of Life Customer Support at 888-392-2930 to arrange for return.  Please do this within 21 days of the start of the course. Tree of Life will receive confirmation via data files that are provided by Greenville College and be able to verify you have dropped a course. Once verified and book has been received, Tree of Life will alert Greenville College to issue a credit to your student account. It may take 3-5 days for the change to be reflected on your student account once Greenville College is notified.

Q: Where can I pick up additional books for added classes?

If you add a class, Tree of Life will automatically be notified and will deliver your new book to the mailroom for pickup if you are in the traditional undergrad program. If you are participating in one of the UTEP or School of Education Masters courses and add a section, books will be shipped to the home address with shipping charges applied to your student account.

Q: I'm studying abroad this semester. If I opt-in to the Textbook Butler program, can Tree of Life fulfill my order?

A: If you are traveling abroad and need the books shipped early, you will need to contact the Tree of Life customer care team.  As long as textbooks have been selected by faculty member, the Tree of Life team will be able generate early and ship to the address provided. 

Q: I'm an international student. Will books be shipped to my home outside of the United States?

A: If an order for a student opted into the Textbook Butler program generates with an international address, the Tree of Life customer care team will contact the student to determine if (s)he does want us to proceed with shipping to the international address.  If you choose international ship, the shipping cost and speed options will be discussed with you at that time. The size of the shipment (lbs and dimensions) determines what Tree of Life can do, as they only have certain international packaging that can be used.  There is also never a "Guaranteed" delivery date when shipping internationally, but express mail could be 5 business days, priority could be 10.  Tree of Life wants to make sure any student is fully aware of the options that can be provided for international shipping, as well as the implications.

Q: How do I find my course textbook information, ISBN numbers and rental pricing through Tree of Life? 

A: You can visit Greenville Tree of Life Campus Store.  You can view by course/section or view all textbooks for courses you are enrolled in by using the "quick pick" option once you login. While using this site, please keep in mind that UTEP/School of Education Masters/Endorsement courses are designated by terms such as "2016 August- GVC GOL" which is the month the class begins. In the future, we plan to have textbook information (minus pricing information) posted with Course Listings on my.greenville.edu. Unfortunately, that is unavailable today. 

Key reminders for students in UTEP and MAE graduate/endorsement classes:

  • Under “select a term,”  UTEP and MAE graduate/endorsement classes will be found under terms that designate the year and month the class starts followed by “– GVC GOL.”  So for UTEP classes this fall, it will appear as “2016 August – GVC GOL”.  If you look today, you won’t find that term yet, but it should appear soon. 
  • It is very important that you pay attention to the section designation when looking for books.  Students in UTEP have sections beginning with a “U” so EDUC312.U1 is for UTEP students and EDUC312.01 is for the Greenville campus students.  Texts are not always the same for both sections.
  • If you peruse the offerings in “2016 FALL - GVC UNDERGRADUATE,” you may find your courses there, but when you click on your section, it says no texts are required. Not true—just not available for your viewing on this site yet!! Use your spreadsheet. You can, however, get a sense for the price if the books are the same.


Q: When can I see textbook listings in the Textbook Butler portal?

A: Textbook listings will be available no later than 6 weeks prior to start of term.

Q: Where can I view my textbook charges and transactions?

A: You can visit the Greenville Tree of Life Campus Store and view your account details.

Q: What if I opt-in to the rental program but then change my mind? Can I change my preferences for the next term?

A: Yes, you can login to the Textbook Butler portal and change your preferences. Changes will apply to the next term or, for UTEP/School of Education Masters/Endorsement courses, the next section.

Q: How do I contact Tree of Life customer care?

A: You may visit the Tree of Life Bookstore Customer Service website 

Q: Does Tree of Life have a bookstore on campus?

A: Tree of Life no longer maintains a bookstore on campus. You will need to contact their customer service for assistance with the textbook program.

Q: Is there a Greenville College staff member that can assist me if I have further questions, or if I need help in working with Tree of Life?

A: Yes, we have Greenville College representatives that can offer assistance. You may scroll to the top of this page and select the "New Support Ticket" link. Provide the required information and you will receive an email confirmation of your support request. A staff member will follow up with you to answer your question or resolve your issue. Additionally, Shani Quarton serves as the Greenville Central Office Manager in Lower Armington and can assist you with any service issues you might experience with Tree of Life and the Textbook Butler system.