1) Go to my.Greenville.edu 

2) Login with your username and password

3) Select “Student”

4) Select “My Registration”

5) Select “Add/Drop Courses”

6) Select the correct term (ex. 2016-2017 Fall)at the top of the page

7) Click the “Search” button under the “Course Search” header to pull up all courses

    NOTE: Do not fill in the search options – it is simpler this way. Leave the search options (ex. Title or Course Code)blank and simply click the “Search” button to pull up all courses for the term

8) All courses should appear; scroll to the bottom of the page to select different courses (in alphabetical order) to view


- Follow steps 1 through 6

- Click the checkbox next to the course(s)you would like to add

- Once all boxes are “checked”, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Add Courses” button

- A summary of your adjustments should appear


- Follow steps 1 through 6

- Your schedule for the term you have selected should appear below “Course Search”

- Check the checkboxes to the left of the course(s) you wish to drop

- Click the “Drop Courses” button

- A summary of your adjustments should appear



a. I have no boxes to check…

    -This means you have a registration hold of some sort OR it is not yet time for your classification (senior, junior, sophomore or freshmen) to register. When attempting to diagnose what the hold is about, start with the first hold on the list below and work your way down. If the hold is not related to any on the list, please contact the Records Office for further assistance. 

1. Advisor Hold – your advisor has not cleared you to register which means you need to contact your advisor

2. Financial Hold – you have a balance and need to pay a bill before you will be cleared to register (contact Student Accounts)

3. Graduation Hold – you are a senior and have been approved for graduation, therefore any changes (which you should not be making if you are cleared to graduate) need to be approved through the Records Office

4. Transcript Hold – we have not received all of your transfer transcripts and you will be unable to register without them

5. Community Life Hold – you have not provided the office of Residence Life or Student Development with proper documentation of some kind and must do so before you’ll be allowed to register (contact Residence Life)

6. Learning Contract Hold – you have not met with Student Success concerning your required Learning Contract (contact Student Success)

    NOTE: You will not be able to make adjustments to your schedule online after the fifth day of a semester

b. I cannot add a course due to a prerequisite or a time conflict… 

    -A prerequisite means that you have not completed a course that you must take first before enrolling in another course. For example, you must take THEO 110 before you can take BIBL 205. A time conflict indicates that you are enrolled in a course that will happen at the same time as the course you are attempting to register for. Meet with your advisor to troubleshoot the problem(s) and determine a solution.

c. I need to adjust the amount of credits for the course I am enrolling in… 

    -If the course you are attempting to register for is considered a “variable credit” course, you should be given the option to adjust the credit amount while registering. If you miss this option and do not adjust the credit amount appropriately, stop by the Records Office and they can make the adjustment for you.


d. I cannot find the Independent Study or Practicum/Internship course I am supposed to register for… 

    -That is because you need actual paperwork for these sorts of registrations. The forms for Independent Studies and Practicum/Internships can be picked up from Greenville Central and then submitted to the Records Office.