Key Request Procedures for Academic or Administrative Facilities 

Key Requests

Access will be given only to areas where the need is demonstrated. All requests for keys must be submitted by using the "Key Request Form" and include a justification for access into each area for which a key is requested. Such justification could include but is not limited to the following: work necessities; assigned office; assigned laboratory; areas of responsibility.

To obtain a key(s)

Residence room keys: 

Students should obtain individual room keys from their Residence Hall Director. Residence Hall sub-master and master keys are issued by Student Development.

Keys for academic and administrative facilities:

Complete the building key request form linked above. Form submissions will send an approval request to the supervisor, where appropriate. Once approved by the supervisor, a ticket will be created in the Campus Services tracking system in the requester's name.

  • Normal processing time is 3 working days. You will receive a telephone call and/or e-mail notifying you that your key is ready. Keys may be picked up at the Facilities and Support Services office in the Kelsey Building between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • If the keys are not picked up within ten (10) working days they will be returned to storage and the request form will be voided.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact Facilities at ext. 6736.

To return a key(s)

  • Students should return residence hall keys to their Residence Director or Student Development when checking out of campus.
  • Keys for academic and administrative buildings are to be returned to the Facilities and Support Services Department or HR on or before the date an employee or student ceases to be employed by the college.
  • All keys no longer needed or used should be returned immediately to the Facilities and Support Services Department.
  • Never send keys via campus mail. Keys that have been issued to an individual are that individual's responsibility. The campus key system is in place to protect Greenville College property and for the safety of students and employees.

To replace a lost or damaged key(s)

  • Students should immediately notify their residence director or Student Development if they have lost or a key has been damaged.
  • College employees should immediately notify the Facilities and Support Services Department.
  • Complete the 
  • $25.00 will be charged to replace each key that is lost/stolen. Damaged keys will be replaced at no charge. Simply bring the damaged key to the Facilities and Support Services office during normal business hours and it can be traded for a replacement.
  • The cost to replace the physical key itself is minimal and does not begin to cover the value of the property that the key/core system protects. The value of a single key is worth the replacement costs of the contents in that particular room. A residence hall room key has even greater value given the safety issues involved.