If you have video or audio content available on your course, it should be captioned or have a transcript attached in order to be compliant with accessibility requirements. There are several ways to remain in compliance. 

Your captions or transcript should match with at least 96% accuracy to the audio recording. That includes spelling, punctuation, and not omitting any audio within the media. 

Option A. If you use a script when you record, attach the script to module with the video and students can read along. You can also upload the script and convert it into captions on the screen. Be sure to review your recording so that the transcript matches what your voice is actually recorded saying. [insert link to instructions for uploading transcript td YouTube]

Option B. If you need captions to be created from your video/audio content, you can use YouTube's captioning service. It gets more accurate every day, but using YouTube's services does require a careful review and editing step to ensure that goal of over 96% accuracy.