If you've allowed YouTube to create captions for you, there are only a couple of extra steps to complete in order to create a transcript of those captions that can be attached to the video content in your course. 

Why attach a transcript? For those using the captions as the primary means for obtaining video content, a transcript provides timestamps on the content, allowing easier review of the material or easier access to a point he/she might want to review. 

Follow these steps to turn your captions into a transcript:

To access the transcript, go back into the Video Manager>Subtitles & CC for your video. Then click on the captions you’ve edited and published as though you need to review them again.

Click on the “Actions” button above the captions. 

Download the captions as a .srt file.  

Once they have downloaded, choose to "Show in Finder," or you'll get an error when the computer tried to look for an app that can read the .srt file. 

Change the file type to .txt by right-clicking on the file in the finder and clicking “get info." 

Expand the “name and extensions” section and delete the .srt and replace it with .txt. 

Now, the file can be opened as a text file and copied into a Word document or saved as a PDF.


Once it is saved, upload it to D2L in the same content folder as your video file so students know where to access the transcript.