To view a video tutorial of this article's contents, please click on the link VoiceThread Setup for Instructors on YouTube

VoiceThread SetUp is easy to place in your course for students to use. 

Managing student use and organization will be covered in other articles in this folder. 

1. Decide on a module for your first VoiceThread link. Then, click "Add Existing Activities" in that module, and choose "External Learning Tools." 

2. Click on "VoiceThread" in the existing activities menu. 

3. A link to content with the title "VoiceThread" will populate in the content module.

4. When you click on the VoiceThread link for the first time, it will generate a user account for you within D2L. It may take a few seconds, but the next screen you see will be the instructor VoiceThread setup screen. This screen will be shown each time you create a voice thread link in your course. If you don't specify where you want the link to take your students, it will default to VT home. 

5. Choose what you want students to see when they click on this link:

  • Course View-This is a link to the collection of VoiceThreads that have been shared in your course (VoiceThread also calls courses "groups.")
  • VT Home-This link will take the user back to her VoiceThread Home. VT Home shows a user any VoiceThreads she has created. It also gives a user the option to change views based on different filters for sorting through content. 
  • Individual VT-This link takes the user to a VoiceThread you have created or shared from your VT account. This ensures the student sees the assigned or recommended VT immediately.
  • Assignment Builder allows you to assign students to create an original VoiceThread presentation, comment on a VoiceThread your have provided, or watch a VoiceThread. The student "submits" through the VoiceThread, and the instructor can grade within the VoiceThread embedded in the D2L course. 

6. Edit the title of your VoiceThread Activity Title in D2L to differentiate between the VT links you have in your course. 


The first time a student logs in to a VoiceThread link in a course, it will generate her VT account. The student doesn't need to take any additional steps. This will be the same account in all the courses that use the tool for the rest of her time at GU.