If you want to watch a video of this tutorial, please follow this link: Video of VoiceThread Use for Students

VoiceThread is a communication tool that may be used in your course. It allows the user, either you or your instructor, to upload media such as slides or images and narrate over the items individually. You may be asked to watch a VoiceThread and comment on it or create your own VoiceThread within a course. 

The first time a student clicks on a VoiceThread link in a D2L course, a user account will be generated. The student doesn't have to complete any additional steps. The VoiceThread Account for Greenville is authenticated through D2L. 

The instructor may have set up any of three different types of VoiceThread links within the course. 

  • VT Home: This directs you back to your VoiceThread account and allows you to see all VoiceThreads you've created, that have been shared with you, and gives you the ability to filter for specific categories of VoiceThreads. 
  • Course View: This directs you to see all of the VoiceThreads that have been shared within your course. 
  • Individual VT: This is a link directly to a VoiceThread your instructor wants you to watch. 

If you have been asked to comment on a VoiceThread, you can do that by clicking on the "+" sign in the bottom center of the window.

You may have the option to type, record using audio only, record using webcam, use your phone to call in, or upload a file as a comment. 

There are up to three ways to respond to a VoiceThread:

  • Comment-This is a public comment and will populate at the end of the instructor's comment in the timestamp where you clicked. 
  • Threaded Comment-This is a public comment that you create responding directly to another commenter. 

  • Private Comment-This comment is only visible to you and the person who made the original comment. 

If you have been asked to create a VoiceThread, you will do that within a VoiceThread link in your course. You can close any current VoiceThread by clicking on the gray X in the top right corner of the VoiceThread window, which will take you to your home page. 

At that point, you will have the option to create a VoiceThread by uploading your own media and then adding comments. 

To set your presentation to automatically advance:

Click on the Options icon (it is visible at the top right when you create or edit your VoiceThread):

Select Playback Settings, and check "Automatically advance to the next slide":

If you set the amount to zero, it will advance to the next slide as soon as the audio on the slide finishes. 

Click Save.