Guidelines for Posting Notices on Campus

Policies for posting notices:

  1. General

    1. All posters must have:

      1. The name of the person or organization sponsoring an event or activity on all posters

      2. Contact information of an individual willing to answer questions about the poster

    2. The university reserves the right to remove any notice or poster that is inappropriate or does not meet the policy.

    3. The person or organization responsible for placing the poster or notice must see that the posters are properly taken down after the event.

  2. Electronic postings

    1. Students may post information to the campus bulletin, my.Greenville, and electronic signage. All electronic postings must be submitted to the Office of Community Life and approved according to the criteria posted above. Once approved, content will be placed on my.Greenville and showcased on the regular e-mail titled “Campus Bulletin.” Requests will automatically generate a similar announcement on digital campus electronic bulletin boards.

  3. Locations

    1. Marston Hall: Students may use the general bulletin boards for posting appropriate posters and notices. Students may use bulletin boards after obtaining the permission of the departmental chairman. Students may not use tape on any painted surface.

    2. H.J. Long Gymnasium: Students wishing to place a poster or notice in the gym must first obtain permission from the Athletic Director prior to posting.

    3. Armington Center: Students may use the general bulletin board located in the lobby leading to the dining room to post appropriate posters and notices.

    4. Outdoors: Students may attach posters to trees using masking tape, string, or wire. Do not use nails, tacks, or staples. Posters may be displayed on small stakes that do not require digging holes. Outdoor bulletin boards may be used for small posters and notices.

    5. Residence halls: Students must obtain permission from the CRE of each residence hall before posting any notice or poster in each respective residence hall.

  4. Restrictions

    1. No posters may be posted in the library.

    2. No posters or signs may be placed on the roof, outside walls, glass doors, or windows of any campus building.

Two key reasons we have these guidelines in place: 

1. Keep our campus beautiful

2. Minimize the amount of time our WFF custodial colleagues spend picking tiny bits of glue and tape off glass, metal and bricks.

Signs that do not follow these guidelines will be taken down. Individuals who repeatedly violate the policy may have their posting privileges revoked or be asked to scratch glue and tape off windows and bricks with their fingernails.

If you have any questions please email the Community Life Office