Go to the Web Pay Self Service Portal in Paylocity https://access.paylocity.com/

    Faculty and Staff - This is your home screen 

    Students - if WebTime is your home screen, click on Time & Labor in the upper left corner and select “Self Service Portal.”

At the bottom right corner of the "Pay" section select "more"

Select "Direct Deposit"

Delete Account

To delete a direct deposit account, select the applicable account from the drop down.

Click Delete to delete the direct deposit account.

Add or Edit Account

To add a new direct deposit account, select Add New Direct Deposit Account from the drop down. To edit a direct deposit account, select the applicable account from the drop down.

Select the applicable Account Type (Checking, Savings, or Pay Card) from the drop down.

Enter the nine digit ABA Transit Routing Number without dashes or spaces.

Enter the Account Number without spaces or symbols (17 character limit).

Enter the Name on Account (30 character limit).

If this is the main account, save the updated information to deposit the entire paycheck to this main account. If this is an additional account, check the Additional Deposit Account box.

Select the Amount Type from the drop down to indicate whether the numeric value in the Amount field should be a Flat dollar amount, Percent, or Net Minus. Selecting Net Minus will issue a live check for the dollar amount entered into the Amount field with the balance being deposited into the corresponding bank account.

Enter the Amount based on the Amount Type.

Save the updated information. The specified amount will be deposited in each additional account listed and the net check will be deposited into the main account.

To change the order in which money is deposited into an additional deposit account, select the radio button adjacent to the applicable account Routing Number and click the up or down arrow to move the account.

Direct deposit changes must be submitted 5 business days prior to paydate.