Textbook adoptions are an important service task that helps our students. Below you will see the quick guide for making your textbook adoptions. Attached to this article is an in-depth presentation on eCampus's FAST System.

  • Q: Questions about using the FAST system to make your textbook adoptions?
    • Using the FAST system:  You may email eCampus directly at launchteam@ecampus.com
    • Greenville timelines, recommendations, etc.: You may email the Center for Teaching and Learning at ctl@greenville.edu
  • Q: What if our academic area had a staff member enter textbook information on behalf of faculty or adjuncts in the past? Can we do that with eCampus?
    • Yes. We will just need to alert eCampus at launchteam@ecampus.com letting them know who the staff member is, what department, and what courses should be available for textbook adoption. eCampus will create an account and assign those courses to the staff member.
  • Q: How do I make my textbook adoptions?
    • Here are the instructions. 
      1. You will need to login to my.greenville.edu and then select the "Faculty & Staff" menu. Click on the eCampus logo to login to the FAST system
      2. Course search:

      3. Add adoptions:

      4. Adoption history:
      5. Make textbook choices:
        • LEGEND: N=new, U=used, R=rental, M=Marketplace, E=eBook
        • Green= showing for students on the Virtual Bookstore if available. White= hidden for students on the Virtual Bookstore

      6. Approve course:

  •  Q: How can I receive a desk copy of a textbook?
    • When you make your textbook adoptions using the instructions above, you will have the option to request the desk copy