D2L is updating its Quiz Question Tool to a simpler format. It is still an optional upgrade, so you can either accept the new format or stick with the old tool. At this point, only Multiple Choice, True/False, Written Response, and Short Answer are updated, but the others will continue to be shifted to the new format as D2L designers get to them. 

Follow this link to see a demonstration of the options descried in this article in video format: Quiz Tool Upgrade Video

All of the steps to create a new quiz are the same as they always have been. You won't see any changes in the process until you create a question. Whether you are in Question Library or Quiz, when you choose the type of question you're adding, you'll see this screen the first time:

No matter what your choice (Leave it on or Turn it off), you can change your mind at any time. The option collapses but can be expanded and changed. 

If you choose to leave it on, you'll see the creation tool is being upgraded to a simpler input format. The multiple choice question format is:

Under the Options drop down menu in the top right, you'll see all the unique setting options you're used to in the old system:

The options for saving are still there, as well:

Another feature of this upgrade is that you can alter the question type after you've already chosen it (with any question type that has been updated). In the old version, you had to cancel out of your question creation and start again. 


Finally, in the Written Response (formerly Long Answer), you have the option to enable the HTML editor for student responses. The tool gives you a preview of how their response will appear. The HTML editor allows students to submit equations and tables more easily than plain text.