As of July 2017, it is now the default setting for final grades to be released for student view in D2L. This is the recommended setting for Greenville University Courses, but you may switch back to "unreleased" if it is necessary in your course. 

For a video tutorial of this process (including a full walkthrough of the Gradebook Setup Wizard), use this link (to skip the setup wizard section, start at 3:35): Gradebook Setup Wizard & Release/Unrelease Final Calculated Grades for Student View

To see where the option occurs and how to change it, please see the instructions and images below:

On your initial gradebook set up in each course, you'll see in Step 2 that the check box next to "Automatically release final grade" is checked. Even if you plan to adjust this in your course, please leave this box checked during setup. The steps below will show you how to release and unrelease grades quickly within your gradebook. 

The icon indicating if a student's grades are released is an eye:

Released:       Unreleased:

You can see this icon in the Final Calculated Grade Column in your gradebook when you are viewing the "Enter Grades" tab. With the default setting, all of the eyes should be "open" indicating that the grades are released. 

If you need to change that setting, click on the down arrow in the Final Calculated Grade column to see the menu and choose "Grade All."

This screen gives you the option to toggle between released and unreleased for all students or a selection of students. Use the checkboxes to the left of the student names to select, then click the "Release/Unrelease" icon once. You'll see the checkmarks in the column to the far right appear and disappear based on your choice. 

Save and Close. 

When you are ready again to release your students' grades, there is a quick option to do so:

Again, you need to choose "Grade All from" the Final Calculated Grade menu. Then, You can use the "Release All" option from the "Final Grade" menu. 

Save and Close.