The gradebook area of D2L has a "Personal Display Options" setting that allows you to establish your preferences for interacting with the gradebook. Please either watch the video (Grades Area Default) or follow the steps below to alter your default start page in each course. This setting is unique to the course and can be altered at any time with no effect on any other aspect of your gradebook.

1. From the Grades area in the Progress Menu, click on the Settings gear in the top right. 

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Personal Display Options and find the Start Page section. Here, you can set your default grades area. 

3. Choose your preferred start page (after your grade categories and items are established, "Enter Grades" will save you a click every time you are trying to input student grades during your course). 

4. Once you see that it is the correct choice, click Save

From this point forward, in this course, you will start on that page in the Grades area of the Learning Environment. Repeat this process in your other courses' gradebooks.