Restricted/Reserved Parking Areas—All restricted or reserved parking spaces such as time zones,visitor, maintenance and CRE spaces are enforced 24 hours/day, Seven days/week unless otherwiseposted. Parking in lot A is restricted for Bookstore/Jo’s Java customers, Admissions visitors, and timelimit parking, per the posted signs. Overnight parking is prohibited in lots A and R. The western row of lot AB is reserved for Advancement Office Parking

Parking in lots D, H, I and K is reserved for staff and faculty only and may be used for event visitors after normal business hours.

Commuter Students may park in Lot R next to the campus safety building. 

Streets Adjacent to Campus—Students living on-campus are required to park in Greenville University parking lots. Resident students who park off-campus are subject to tickets.

Fire Lanes—Parking in posted fire lanes for any reason, for any length of time is prohibited and canresult in ticketing and immediate towing (at the owner’s expense).

Handicapped Spaces—Parking in a handicapped space for any amount of time, for any reason without avalid handicapped permit is a violation of campus policy and State law, and is subject to ticketing andimmediate towing at the owners expense.