Vehicles parking on campus property must be properly licensed, insured, and operable. Unregistered vehicles belonging to employees or students will be ticketed. If it is discovered an unregistered car withoutstanding tickets belongs to a student, all tickets will be reassigned to that student and charged totheir account. The person to whom the vehicle is registered is responsible for payment of all violations. Borrowed vehicles are to be parked according to the parking permit on the vehicle. Parking permits do not guarantee parking availability. Absence of parking spaces does not justify violating parkingregulations. Greenville University assumes no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked on college property.

A $100 fee will be accessed to a student’s account if Campus Safety is required to obtain state vehicleregistration information to identify the responsible vehicle owner or operator of any vehicle on college property.

Appeals Procedure—Parking tickets may be appealed to Campus Safety. The Director of Campus Safety will oversee the review of all ticket appeals. Notification of appeal outcome will be sent via email. After ten days, appeals will no longer be heard and they will be charged to your college account. Please be aware that unpaid parking tickets on your bill may prohibit class registration, transcript generation and housing sign-ups, and may also result in your vehicle being booted and/or towed.

A parking citation may be appealed by filing a completed appeal form at the Campus Safety Office. The first ticket for “Non-registered vehicle” during the school year may be excused with proof of a valid permit. Appeals must be filed utilizing the appropriate form. No verbal appeals will be heard.

Tickets issued by the City of Greenville must be paid/appealed through the Greenville Municipal Building.

Enforcement Policies—Vehicles parked in violation of campus policy will be ticketed and may be subject to towing at owner’s expense. This includes parking in fire lanes, on grass, on sidewalks, in front of dumpsters, at any loading zone, building entrance, and in reserved spaces. All drives are considered firelanes unless marked for parking.

Ticket Fines—Ticket fines begin at $20. Fire lane violations are $75 and Handicapped violations are $75. Tickets may be paid at the Student Accounts Office (located in Greenville Central) during normal business hours. Tickets must be paid or appealed within ten (10) days. Tickets not paid within 10 days will be considered delinquent. Anyone with five (5) delinquent parking tickets will have their vehicle booted and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles booted will not have the boot removed until all outstanding tickets are paid in full. An additional $40 removal fee will also be assessed to have the vehicle boot removed.

Warnings are considered valid tickets. After the 5th and 10th ticket, you will be notified of a ticket fine increase as follows:

Tickets 1–5....................................$20*
Tickets 6–10.................................. $30*
Tickets 11–15.................................$40*
Ticket 16......................................Revoked Privileges

*Fire Lane and Handicap violations remain $75  

Habitual Offender—Anyone receiving five (5) parking tickets per year is considered a habitual offender and risks having parking privileges revoked. The Campus Safety and/or Student Success offices will attempt to meet and counsel students designated as habitual offenders. Those students who receive 10 or more tickets will automatically be referred to the Community Life Office for Judicial proceedings. Students having 5 or more unpaid tickets on their account risk having their vehicle booted or towed pending payment of outstanding tickets.

Vehicle Boot—Vehicles that have accumulated five (5) or more delinquent (unpaid and past-due) parking citations are subject to having a boot placed on the vehicle, or having the vehicle towed from campus at the owner’s expense. The boot will remain on the vehicle until all unpaid parking fines are paid in full. Additionally, a fee of $40 will be assessed to have the boot removed from the vehicle. Vehicles that have been booted are subject to towing at the owners expense if the owner continues to be negligent in paying outstanding fines.

The boot is a mechanical vehicle immobilization device attached to the wheel assembly of a vehicle and prevents the vehicle from being operated. A notice will be placed on the driver’s side window to advise when a boot has been applied.

Tampering, removing and/or damaging Greenville University Campus Safety equipment, including the boot may result in the vehicle being towed, judicial proceedings, criminal prosecution and/or replacement of such equipment at the owner’s expense.

Towing—Vehicles may be immediately towed (without notification to the owner) from campus at the owners expense for the following reasons:

  • Parking in Fire Lanes
  • Parking in Handicapped spaces
  • Blocking access
  • Accumulation of five (5) or more delinquent parking citations
  • Parking on campus after owners parking privileges have been revoked

Disabled Vehicle—A vehicle that breaks down and can’t be moved is not excused from parking regulations. Please notify Campus Safety of the disabled vehicle and when the vehicle is expected to be moved. When damaged or unlicensed vehicles are identified, a 15-day notice of towing will be placed on the vehicle and the vehicle will be removed at the owner’s expense if not brought into compliance.