Just as in the gradebook, you can also make topics within your content module "exempt" for students. They can still access the topics and the content in them, but they won't be considered due, appear on the exempt students' calendars, or be tracked in Class Progress for those students. 

This can be helpful for:

  • Courses with differentiated instruction needs (such as support materials for remediation)
  • Courses with groups that have specific content needs independent of other groups (you can also use the restrictions option for this)
  • Courses that are crosslisted and require specific assignments or content depending on the course for which a student is earning credit 

Under the Course Materials menu, choose Content. Within one of the content modules, find the topic from which you wish to exempt one or more students.

Click on the drop down arrow and choose the Edit Properties In-place

Click on Add dates and restrictions

Click on Manage Exemptions

Select the students to be exempted and click Exempt. Verify your selections and click the X in the top left corner to return to the topic options. 

Click Update.

You can see the number of exemptions listed below the item after you update.