If your instructor has used VoiceThread to build a specific assignment, the first screen you see when you click on the link in your course page will indicate that it is an assignment. 

If it is a VoiceThread assignment, you MUST click the "Submit Assignment" button to allow your instructor to see the work you've done and grade it. That is the final step on each of the assignment types. Based on the assignment type and instructions, make sure you have completed all the steps listed in the description and requirements sections before clicking "Submit Assignment." 

Your instructor may have assigned one of three types of assignments:

1. Create a VoiceThread requires you to generate a presentation using your own media or content, and your instructor may ask you to add narration to the presentation. You may create a VoiceThread before navigating to the assignment, or you may click on "Create new VoiceThread" button and generate it there. Once you've completed the steps to create a VoiceThread or selected one you've already made, you'll see the "submit assignment" button appear again. 

**Please note that if your instructor expects other students to comment on your presentation, you need to check the box to share it to the class, as well as submit. 

If you are unsure of the technical details for creating a VoiceThread, read the article titled VoiceThread Creation for Students.

2. Submit a Comment is used when the instructor has provided a presentation for you to watch and she wants you to interact with it somehow. This may involved adding comments at one or more points within the VoiceThread and commenting on the threads started by your classmates. Read the description and requirements carefully and complete them before clicking the "Submit Assignment."

3.Watch a VoiceThread is used when an instructor wants you to watch a VoiceThread, but you do not have to respond to it in anyway within the VoiceThread. However, to receive credit for watching, you MUST click the blue "Submit Assignment" button after watching the full presentation.