Making it easy to manage your health accounts

Somewhere along the line, health accounts became unmanageable. That’s why we created myHealth PortfolioSM – a self-service, online dashboard that helps you make informed decisions, and puts you in control of your health finances.

Here’s What You Can Do
•Store health expense data and receipts with  Expense Tracker
•File claims or distribution requests
•Initiate a provider payment with Online Bill Pay
•Consolidate health expenses and claims from multiple insurance providers*
•View a snapshot of your personal healthcare finances with online charts and graphs

Feature Highlights

Expense Tracker
Use the expense tracker to organize and store expenses and receipts in the dashboard. You can upload bills from your laptop or take a picture from your mobile device. Pay the expenses when you want to, or simply store them for your records – it’s like an electronic “shoebox”.

Online Bill Pay
Easily initiate a payment from your health account for items stored in the expense tracker. You can either reimburse yourself or request a payment to a provider for eligible expenses. Recurring payments can also be scheduled.

*This option may not be available for everyone.

For assistance, please contact the Client Assistance Center

800-357-6246 | 605 N. 8th Street, Ste. 320, Sheboygan, WI 53081