"Take" the quiz so you can see it the way a student does.

  1. Click the caret to open the quiz's action menu.
  2. Select Preview.



  1. Click the Start Quiz! button.

start quiz button


  1. From within the quiz Previewpage, you can:
    1. View the page layout (e.g. the number of questions per page) and the questions you have answered.

page layout panel


    1. Answer all questions.

example of a question


    1. Move through each page of the quiz.

navigation buttons


  1. When finished, click the Submit Quiz button.

submit quiz button


  1. Check Allow this preview attempt to be graded in the Grade Quiz area if you want to check how your quiz attempt will be autograded by D2L.

Allow this preview attempt to be graded option


  1. Click the Submit Quiz button a second time.

submit quiz button


  1. Whenever you are finished, click the Exit Preview button located in the top right corner of any of the quiz preview screens.

exit preview button