Create file, text, paper based and observed-in-person assignments.

To create:

  1. Go to Course Materials>Dropbox.
  2. Click the New Folder button. 


  1. Enter the Name of the Dropbox Folder(required).
  2. In the Instructions section enter any instructions the students need to know to complete the assignment if necessary.  You can also embed videos or images into the instructions if needed.
  3. The Dropbox assignment can be tied to a grade item by clicking on the 

  1. Select the Individual Assignment option.
  2. Select the Submission type for the assignment:
    • File submission - students submit a file in D2L (Word doc, pdf. etc.).
    • Text Submission - students complete the assignment by writing their response in a textbox. (If students are turning in a video they’ve created, you may use this type of submission to allow a Youtube (or other) link to be turned in.
    • On-paper submission - students turn in the assignment to the instructor.
    • Observed in person - the assignment is performance based (presentation, recitation, etc.).

individual assignment option


  1. Click the Save button.