1. If you wish to purchase a new life insurance plan or increase the amount by more than $10,000 during an open enrollment period, you must first complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form. 

Get started now

1.     Log in to MyLincolnPortal.com. First-time user?

        Register using company Code GREENCOLL2

2.     Click “Complete Evidence of Insurability.”

3.     Answer the questions about you and other applicants.

        You'll be asked:

  •  General applicant information, such as date of

            birth, height, and weight

  •  Qualifying questions, including if you or other

            applicants have been diagnosed with a disease or

            are prescribed medications for a condition

  •  Medical questions—if you or other applicants have

            a condition, we may need to know a little more

            about it, such as the name, diagnosis date, and


4.     Review your responses, then electronically sign and

        submit your application.

5.     Save your confirmation report.

What happens next?

In some cases, you may be auto-approved for coverage.

If not, we’ll review your application and contact you if

more information is required. In all cases, we’ll notify

you of your application outcome.