• Click New Room on the Rooms page.
  • Enter a Name for the room.

    Important: You must assign a unique room name for the class.

  • Select Adobe Connect from the drop-down list and click Apply.
  • Select the Account Name from the drop-down list.
  • Add a Description of the meeting in the space provided (optional).
  • Select a Room Visibility option.
  • Specify the Availability for the room by entering the dates and times you want in the Start Date and Time and End Date and Time drop-down lists.
    Important: Adobe Connect rooms are available outside the start and end dates and times, but communicating them to attendees indicates when the session is active and when they should join.

    You cannot edit availability dates once a room is active.

  • Click Show Room Restrictions to edit Advanced Properties:
    • Passcode  Attendees must enter a password to enter the room.
    • Room Access Select the room access level for your room:
      • Recommended: Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room Attendees do not need Adobe credentials to enter the room. It is accessible to anyone via the meeting URL, which attendees would normally access through the email room invitation.
      • Only accepted users can enter the room Only users with Adobe credentials and accepted guests can enter the room by logging in, either as registered users or guests. The Host accepts or declines a guest's request to enter a room.
      • Only attendees with a personal account can enter the room. If this is a Public Room, anyone can enter the room. Only users with Adobe credentials can enter the room. However, if the Room Visibility option is set to Public Room, any user can access the room, with or without Adobe credentials. (Students do NOT have personal accounts in Adobe Connect; therefore, this option should not be used.)
    • Include Audio Conference Information: Greenville University currently does not have audio conference capabilities.
  • Check the Email Notification box if you want all attendees to receive email.
  • Click Add Attendees to select participants for your meeting. See Roles for Adobe Connect Rooms  and Adding and Managing Attendees  for more information.
  • Click Save or Save and Join.

    Note: To make the archive viewable to a user without an Adobe account, you must make the archive public. You can set the visibility of archives separately from the associated room using the drop-down list.