Online room roles determine what users can do in an online room. The role listed beside an attendee's name is the role they receive when they enter the room. You can change users' roles inside a room during a session, but changes only last until the end of the session.

You can add users individually or as groups or sections. If you want a specific user from a group to have a different role from the rest of the group, you can re-add the user individually to the Attendees list and select the desired role. The individual user role listed overrides the role they have in the group.

Attendees can have one of the following roles in Adobe Connect rooms:

  • Host: Organizes and facilitates the meeting. The host has full control of the presentation, including the ability to upload files, create new resources, answer questions from participants, and grant permissions. You automatically have host permissions of the rooms you create.
  • Host - Limited: This role lets users host rooms in Adobe Connect but prevents them from editing or deleting the rooms within the Online Rooms tool.

    Note: This role does not exist in the Adobe Connect interface, only in Online Rooms. Users with this role in Online Rooms have Host permissions for the room in the Adobe Connect interface.

  • Presenter: Can assist in facilitating the meeting, presenting content, or sharing the screen.
  • ParticipantCan hear and see the Presenter's audio and video broadcast and use text chat, but has no control over resources or the presentation. This is the only role you can assign to attendees who don't have a personal account.

Important: Attendees require a personal account with Adobe Connect for all role assignments above Participant.