When you access Online Rooms, you arrive at the Rooms page. The Rooms page displays all rooms accessible to you. You can join, add, edit, and delete rooms from the Rooms page, depending on your permissions.

Viewing room details

The View Room page displays information about the room, including the description, start and end dates, and start and end times.

On the Rooms page, click View Room from the context menu of the room to view its details.

Editing rooms

You can edit the properties of a room, including its advanced properties, email notifications, and attendees. However, once a room has started or ended, the properties available for you to edit vary according to what your service provider allows.

Note: You cannot change the Service Provider after you access the Edit Room page.

Edit a room

  1. Select Edit Room from the context menu of the room you want to modify.
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting rooms

Attendees lose access to a room and its associated archives when you delete the room.

Delete a room

Select Delete Room from the context menu of the room you want to delete on the Rooms page.


Select a room, or multiple rooms, and click Delete.


You can link to an Online Room or Archive throughout Learning Environment, via the quicklink tool in the HTML Editor. For example, you can create a link to your Online Room or Archive in Content.