3 weeks prior to class:

  • Prepare your syllabus using the guidelines provided. Save a copy in Microsoft Word format and upload it into the Content area of D2L.
  • Begin uploading and organizing your other course materials in the Content page on D2L.
  • Setup release conditions on modules or content to restrict student access to follow a certain flow of activities.

2 weeks prior to class:

  • Post expectations for students on D2L.
  • Post your contact information, virtual office hours, and what students can expect from you.
  • Continue adding and organizing course materials.
  • Set up your grade book.
  • Set up the course calendar.

Note: courses open for student access 1 week prior to class.  

1 week prior to class:

  • Email students a welcome message. You can email via the Classlist.
  • Record a 3-5 minute welcome video.
  • Refine course materials available under content, resources, and calendar.
  • Check to make sure all hyperlinks and uploaded documents load properly.

First day of class:

  • Email students a second welcome; include the welcome video.
  • Consider making your first assignment a student created class schedule. Ask them to submit a calendar to you with time for course work highlighted as a part of their plan.
  • Reiterate what students can expect from you and what you expect from the students.

Throughout the class:

  • Continue to communicate regularly with your students via course mail, announcements, and discussion forums.
  • Answer questions promptly, following the guidelines or expectations you have previously shared with your students.
  • Post an announcement if you are going to be unavailable for any length of time greater than 48 hours.
  • Monitor student work and grade assignments in a timely fashion. Share criticism constructively to promote learning.
  • Remind students to complete the course evaluation near the end of the class, and wrap up any loose ends for them.

After the class:

  • Submit final grades based on registrar/program deadlines.
  • Send feedback about your online teaching experience to your academic department, program, and/or the online learning team.