These instructions will allow you to print a quiz created in the D2L quiz tool. These quizzes are not formatted for easy printing or grading, but if you have a small number of students without a device on which to take a digital quiz, this is an appropriate accommodation. 


  • Using Firefox browser is recommended.
  • Make sure you set the quiz to show all the questions on the same page. Otherwise, only the questions displayed on the page you set up to print will print.
  • This method will not work if you set up your quiz as a random section because it will only display one set of randomly selected questions. 
Step 1: Preview the quiz
  1. Click on Quizzes link in the navbar to see the list of quizzes.
  2. Click from the drop-down action menu next to the quiz’s name you would like to print and select the Preview button.

    Action Menu: Preview Quiz

  3. Check the box for Bypass Restrictions.
  4. Click the Start Quiz! button.
  5. Click the OK button on the pop-up confirmation window.

Step 2: Printing the quiz

  1. Using the Firefox browser, right-click on the quiz and from the menu, choose This Frame and click on Print Frame.

  2. Set the print settings as you like (Double sided, etc.), and then click the Print button. Your quiz questions may be printed on the same page or on several pages, depending on the length of your quiz.