To begin, open your course and click on Course Materials in the navigation bar.

Then, click Dropbox.

Click on the dropbox folder name to view submissions.

Instructors may wish to search for student submissions by name or other filters using the controls at the top of the page. Otherwise, simply scroll down past the Folder Contents.

Under a student’s name, click the document title.

This action will launch the evaluation process and open the document in a preview window.

Scoring Rubrics on a Dropbox

Once you open a rubric within a student’s dropbox submission, you’ll see something like the example below. Click the intersection of the Level (Superlative, Excellent, etc…) for each Criterion to award points.

In the Score and Feedback column for any Criterion, click the pencil icon to edit the points awarded and/or type in your comments.  

Work through the entire rubric.

Click Save & Record when finished.

This action will record the cumulative score earned in the dropbox Score field AND will copy your rubric comments into the Feedback area of the dropbox grading area.

Click Publish to transfer that information to the gradebook.