At Greenville University, Turnitin is integrated into the Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system. These directions are not exhaustive of all grading features, but will give basic instructions to accessing student work submitted to a dropbox with Turnitin Originality Checker activated. Additional instructor training tutorials are available on Turnitin’s website at

From the D2L dropbox, you can access the originality report in three places. 

1. Click directly on the file name.

2. Click on the word Evaluate.

3. Click on the originality checker percentage icon.

Depending on which you choose, you may see the document open in a different view. 

Clicking directly on the file name (1) will lead you to a screen that shows the document you're grading and a column on the right side where you can access a rubric, type feedback, and enter a grade. By cliking "Publish" at the bottom of this, the grade will appear in your gradebook in the grade item you have connected to the dropbox. Clicking "Back to User Submissions" will show you the originality checker percentage summary. 

Clicking on the Evaluate Link will take you to a similar screen, but with a summary of the originality checker view rather than the document. To see the document, you will still need to click on the title of the document within that summary. 

Clicking on the originality check report (3) will take you directly to the new feedback studio in a new tab. 

Regardless of how you choose to use Turnitin's grading options, you must click Publish in the D2L submission view for each assignment as you grade to make the grade appear in the course gradebook and be calculated as part of the student's grade. Clicking save draft will keep your feedback without communicating to the course gradebook. 

If you alter a score or feedback in the student submission screen and return to it, you must click Update

Comments and feedback left in Feedback Studio will autosave as you grade and comment. 

In order to use all the tools offered by Turnitin (it does much more than just provide the Originality Summary) and to see the explanation and sources for the originality report, you must open it in Feedback Studio, but you can "publish" your grade to your course gradebook using just the submission screen (accessed by clicking evaluate or clicking the submitted file).