Click the down arrow next to the presentation and select Edit.

When in Edit Mode you can edit 4 areas. 

The areas are briefly described below, and each title is a link to a more detailed solutions page for that area. 


*View Presentation gives a preview of what your presentation looks like*


Properties – Here you are able to edit the name of the presentation, add tags, reflections, and learning objectives. You also are able to edit permissions for Comments and Assessments. 


Content/Layout – This is the largest part of Edit Mode. Here you are able to Edit Presentation Navigation, Edit Page Layout, Add New Pages, Edit content on each page, and Add new components.


Banner – This feature allows you to change the visual banner at the top of the presentation while viewing.


Theme – Change the whole look of your presentation with a new theme. You are able to explore over 40 different themes for your presentation.