In the ePortfolio, a Quicklink is similar to a hyperlink. When you choose to insert a Quicklink, you are offered a choice between inserting an ePortfolio Item, Form Templates, or a URL. 

Edit Mode in a Text Area.


Type desired text into the Content area.

Highlight the word you would like to link with the cursor.

Click the second chain link button.


Select the type of link you wish to create. This example shows two options: link within an ePortfolio item and a link to an external URL.  


Select ePortfolio Item

Select My Items or Shared Items.


Select the item you want to link.


Save and Close.


To change the text displayed or how the link will open, select the text of the Quicklink and click on the chain icon again. The HTML options will open. Click Update, then Save and Close the text edit window. 


Selecting URL

Type in URL destination. The text you highlighted populates in the Title box, but you can edit that at this time.

Target is where the link will open when clicked.

Click Insert.  


Save and Close.