Some Greenville University volunteer services require completion of the Volunteer Service Application Form at least one week before service begins, to allow the Office of Human Resources time to run a background screening and check references on the volunteer applicant.

Services Requiring a Volunteer Service Application

  • Athletic coaching
  • Laboratory work
  • Services involving equine-related activities
  • Services involving travel of any kind
  • Services requiring access to confidential information
  • Services involving working with minors

The following one-time activities are generally considered low-risk, and do not require a completed Volunteer Agreement:

  • Commencement volunteers
  • Phone-a-thon volunteer
  • Public speakers

Volunteer service which requires the volunteer to drive for Greenville University business. 

At least five days before travel, the volunteer must complete the Community Driver Application and Agreement, be approved, and be added to the GU Approved Driver List. 

Fleet Vehicle Accidents

GU realizes some accidents are not preventable. If you are involved in an auto accident, immediately contact the local police, then:

  • Do not discuss who is at fault
  • Do not move vehicles until the Police give permission
  • Get names and addresses of drivers and others involved
  • Get names and addresses of injured
  • Get license plate numbers of all autos involved
  • Get names and addresses of witnesses
  • Police report number
  • Take pictures of the damage to all vehicles involved
  • Document all other accident details as they might be helpful to the insurance carrier: traffic flow, speed limits, stop lights/signs, weather conditions, citations issued, etc. 
  • Contact supervisor
  • Complete the Volunteer Auto Accident Report as soon as possible.