Greenville University provides worker's compensation insurance for all employees, whether full or part-time.  

This coverage is provided by: 

        Church Mutual Insurance Company

        3000 Schuster Lane

        P.O. Box 357

        Merrill, WI  54452

        Policy #:  0500200-07-049338

        Effective Date:  11/1/2019        Termination Date:  11/1/2020

If you are injured on the job, follow the steps below to report a claim and get medical attention, if needed:

1.    Notify your supervisor immediately.  

         Late reporting of claims may jeopardize the acceptance of the claim by the insurance carrier.

2.    Contact the Church Mutual Nurse Hotline:

3.    Complete the First Report of Injury form.   

Please note:  Reporting a claim does not guarantee the insurance company will find the claim as compensable.  

Any questions can be directed to