Any individual must be added to the GU Approved Driver List prior to driving a GU vehicle.  You must go through this process if you meet any of the the following qualifiers: 

    on a regular basis (more than once or twice a year),

    long distances (over 50 miles),

    driving an activity bus

A motor vehicle report (MVR) must be ran and, if you wish to be approved to drive an activity bus, online training must be completed.  Please plan ahead as the MVR could take over a week for the insurance carrier to run.  To get the process started you must complete the form on the following link: Driver Application and Agreement.

Since these requirements are new as of 1/1/2018, this list will be updated at the end of each day to capture all the changes made during the course of the day.  As this is a young program and many moving pieces, your patience is appreciated during this building process.  

Please note:  At this time, we have had some individuals who have already taken and passed their online driver training which will enable them to drive a bus once we receive a clean MVR on them.  Until their MVR is returned to us, they are not considered an approved driver and will not appear on the list.

The most up to date GU Approved Driver List is attached.