Before driving a GU vehicle for university business, the driver must:

1) Complete the Driver Application and Agreement form.

2) Consent to have a Motor Vehicle Report run on your driving record to be vetted and added to the GU

    Approved Driver List*. In addition, you must go through this process if you meet any one of the following qualifiers: 

  •     Drive more than twice a year for business purposes (GU or personal vehicle),
  •     Plan to drive a GU vehicle or personal vehicle just once but over 50 miles,
  •     Will be driving an activity bus**

*We will need to run a motor vehicle report (MVR) to determine whether you are qualified to be a GU driver.  An approved driver must meet the qualifications found here: Transportation Policy and Driver Qualifications

 **All persons seeking to drive an activity bus must mark the Driver Application and Agreement requesting approval to drive an activity bus. Once this is submitted, the driver will receive login information for the training platform GU uses and a notification they have a training setup.  You must successfully pass the course before being added to the GU Approved Driver List as a "Bus Driver."  

You must plan ahead, as the MVR could take over a week to run.  To get the process started, you must complete the form on the following link: 

The most up-to-date GU Approved Driver List is attached to this article.

 Transportation Policy