Expense reimbursements / PCard transactions over $50 must include a valid receipt. A valid receipt is the original vendor receipt that includes the vendor's name, description of the item purchased or service provided, the transaction date, and total expense, including tips (if applicable). A screenshot of your credit card statement does not count as a valid receipt.


In lieu of a missing or lost receipt, you can use a Missing Receipt Form, attached. With picture technology on our cell phones, missing receipts should be the exception and not the norm. 


When traveling abroad, in areas where receipts are not necessarily standard practice, a valid substitute will contain, at a minimum:

  • Specific details of the expense paid (date, amount, payee)
  • Business purpose/reason for the expense, including individual names for whom expenses were incurred, if applicable
  • Signature/acknowledgment of receipt by the payee and University employee
  • Currency conversion to US dollars, if applicable