For the academic 2021/2022 year, the mandatory accident only policy provided for all full-time traditional students by Greenville University, and the student athletic insurance paid for by each GU athlete is with Philadelphia Insurance. 

Step 1

All medical claims must first be submitted to the injured student's personal medical insurance. Once they have paid, the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) should be submitted along with a completed claim form as follows:

How to File a Claim 


The Different Ways to Submit a Claim:

  1. Fillable PDF that can automatically be sent to the appropriate team with a click of a button.
  2. Mail/Fax
  3. Submit a claim form online using our WebQ Claim Form Submission




Please be sure to fill out claim forms in their entirety.  Leaving items blank can cause a delay in claim processing.

Step 2

After the claim form is filed, now what?  

Once the claim form is on file with NAHGA, we are ready to receive and process the medical claims (bills).   



  • Referral Form


The medical providers must know to bill NAHGA to avoid claimant’s bills going to collection.  


We have developed a referral form that should be provided to each medical provider seen.  The referral form provides all the necessary information to the medical provider to bill NAHGA for services.  

  1. Give a copy of this form to each covered individual to take to their appointments. 
  1. The claimant should provide a copy of this form to every medical provider that they see.

Step 3

Medical Bill’s received


Now that NAHGA has received the completed claim form and medical providers were given the referral form, they will begin billing NAHGA for the claimant’s services.  


A valid HCFA-1500 or UB04 and a copy of the primary insurance Explanation of Benefits should be submitted by the provider.

  1. An HCFA-1500 and UB04 are standard medical billing forms.
  2. The Explanation Of Benefits form produced by the primary medical insurance company explains what was paid on the claim by other insurance companies and why.

** We will not need an EOB if you do not have any other insurance

Documents may be transmitted to NAHGA in whichever way is most convenient:

Submit Electronically:   NAHGA can accept claims electronically from medical providers!  This provides a faster turn-around time than submitting a claim by mail.  Use NAHGA’s payer ID 67788

Mail: P.O. Box 189, Bridgton, ME 04009
Fax: (207) 647-4569