The University provides paid vacation time off to eligible employees who are classified as full-time 

staff who work 30 hours or more as follows:


YearsAnnual DaysMaximum Annual Hours
25 and above25187.50


  • Anniversary date = employee’s date of hire/rehire/adjusted seniority date
  • Vacation time will be received at the beginning of each fiscal year.
  • The length of service will determine the amount of vacation as of the first day of the fiscal year. (For example, if an employee’s length of service is 5.5 years on June 1 they will receive 10 days of vacation.)
  • No vacation time can be accumulated and carried over from fiscal year to fiscal year.
  • Unused vacation time will be forfeited at midnight on the fiscal year end (May 31st).
  • Vacations must be requested in advance, with as much notice as possible.
  • Vacation requests are reviewed based on several factors, including staffing requirements
  • and department needs.
  • Employees who have an unexpected need to be absent must notify their supervisor before the start of their work time, if possible.
  • Should two or more employees in the same department choose the same vacation time; the employee with the longest period of service will generally have priority if only one employee can be gone at a time.
  • In the unlikely event that an employee takes more vacation time than earned during the fiscal year, the salary equivalent of the excess time will be deducted from pay following the end of the fiscal year (May 31st)
  • Full-time employees who work less than 12 months or more than 30 hours per week and less than 37.50 hours per week will have pro-rated vacation time (e.g., an employee who works nine months of the year will receive 9/12 of the vacation scale or an employee who works 35 hours will receive 93.3%)
  • Upon leaving employment, any unused accrued vacation time will be paid in the final paycheck after confirmation that all vacation time has been reported.
  • Non-exempt staff may take vacation time in hourly increments and are required to report all time via the online timekeeping system.
  • Exempt staff may take vacation time in half-day (3.75 hours) or full-day (7.50 hours) increments. Exempt staff are required to report all vacation time used each pay period via the online timekeeping system.
  • New employees may be eligible for more vacation time than shown in the chart above (up to a maximum of 20 days) if they have written documentation from their most recent place of employment that they have received more vacation days than the vacation time indicated in the above schedule (up to a maximum of 20 days). This documentation is reviewed for approval. (Policy effective July 1, 2005).
  • Note: Faculty on contracts longer than ten months receive up to four weeks (20 workdays) of vacation, pro-rated depending on the length of the contract. They also are excused from work on all holidays that are observed by the University. Faculty on contracts longer than ten months who also teach should not take a vacation during regularly scheduled class days unless highly unusual circumstances demand such an absence. Vacations must be requested in advance with as much notice as possible. Vacation requests are reviewed based on several factors, including instruction and department needs.


Personal Leave

  • Administrative Staff and Staff Regular Full-Time Employees
  • The University provides paid personal leave to eligible employees under the terms of this policy:
  • Eligible employees are provided up to 5 days (37.5 hours) for Personal Leave each fiscal year.
  • Personal leave may not to be taken during University registration, graduation periods, or other high-activity periods designated by departments.
  • Personal leave may not be taken in conjunction with Vacation or with university-recognized holidays
  • There is no cash payment for unused personal leave either during the time of employment or upon termination.
  • Unused personal time does not carry over from one fiscal year to the next.