Foreign Travel Insurance - AIG - with Travel Guard

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Description of Services



Emergency medical evacuation transportation assistance - coordinate and arrange emergency medical transportation to the nearest most appropriate medical facility if an injury or illness requires medical treatment or hospitalization. Once stabilized, coordinate return to a hospital near home

Physician/hospital/dental/vision referrals- Provide a list of physicians, dentists, and optometrists in the area traveling.

Repatriation of mortal remains – Arrange for the preparation and air transportation of a traveler’s mortal remains to their country of domicile in the event of death while traveling.

Emergency prescription replacement - If medications are lost or stolen, assist in obtaining new prescriptions and also in shipping them to the current location.

Dispatch of doctor or specialist – Arrange for a medical consultation or doctor visit if unable to visit a doctor.

In-patient and out-patient medical case management- If hospitalized, when traveling away from home, provide a medical advisor to monitor the case from initial admission until discharge. Maintaining close contact with the patient’s attending physician, family doctor, and family. Medical advisors also help determine if adequate care is available locally and if necessary, facilitate the evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

Qualified liaison for relaying medical information to family members – Facilitate communications between the client and their family if the client is unable to do so.

Arrangements of visitor to bedside of hospitalized insured – Arrangements for relatives or visitors to travel to the bedside can be made through AIG’s 24-hour assistance center.

Eyeglasses and corrective lens replacement assistance- Locate a service provider to replace eyeglasses or corrective lenses that may have been misplaced, stolen, or damaged.

Direct billing to medical providers- Coordinate with the medical provider to arrange direct billing, when available.

Medical cost containment/expense recovery and overseas investigation- Work directly with service providers to achieve significant discounts, audits medical expenses, and will pursue an investigation if a resolution cannot be achieved between AIG and the service provider.

Medical bill audits- Assess all medical bills to ensure services provided are appropriate to the medical treatment needed and all that charges are reasonable and customary.

Shipment of medical records- Provide assistance in shipping of needed medical records to the attending facility of the patient.

Medical equipment rental/replacement- Travel Guard will locate a facility or provider that would have medical equipment available to the traveler and coordinate between the two parties.


Worldwide Travel Assistance

Lost baggage search; stolen luggage replacement assistance – Assist with the return of lost luggage by coordinating efforts with the commercial carrier. Assist in the search for the lost item. We will coordinate getting the luggage to their current destination or home.

Lost passport/travel documents assistance - Assist in the replacement of lost or stolen travel documents, passports or visas.

ATM locator-Locate the specific ATM locations worldwide that accept the credit card or other card requirements.

Emergency cash transfer assistance – Help obtain cash advances in local or US currency for medical emergencies or other travel needs.

Travel information including visa/passport requirements – Provide passport/visa requirements and assist in expediting the procurement of these documents. 

Emergency telephone interpretation assistance - Provide emergency telephone translation services in all major languages and offers referrals to interpreter services. 

Urgent message relay to family, friends, or business associates – Assist with contacting family or friends in the event of an emergency situation while the customer is traveling. 

Up-to-the-minute travel delay reports- Assist in providing the most up-to-date travel delay reports and information.

Inoculation information- Provide the caller with inoculation recommendations that may be needed prior to traveling to their destination. 

Embassy or Consulate Referral – provide address and phone number of local embassy and consulate.

Currency conversion or purchase- Provide foreign exchange rates throughout the world and assist with the purchase of foreign currency.

Up-to-the-minute information on local medical advisories, epidemics, required immunizations, and available preventive measures- provide the most up-to-date information regarding medical advisories, epidemics, immunizations, and preventative measures in the desired location.

Up-to-the-minute travel supplier strike information- provide the latest information available regarding travel supplier strikes and how it may affect the traveler.

Legal referrals/bail bond assistance - provide the customer with convenient legal referrals in their general area.

Flight and hotel re-bookings – Available 24/7 to help customers rebook flights or hotel reservations in the event of a flight cancellation, delay, or schedule change.

Rental vehicle booking and vehicle return- Available 24/7 to assist in booking car rentals domestically and internationally. If a customer is traveling and has to abandon a rental due to an emergency, we will arrange for the vehicle’s return to a location designated by the rental company. 

Emergency return travel arrangements- In the event of an emergency available to assist 24/7 with making hotel, flight, and car rental arrangements to assist the customer in returning home. 

Roadside Assistance - Can assist in dispatching a tow truck or other appropriate roadside event (lock-out, gas, battery, etc) to the customer’s location in the event of a roadside emergency. 

Guaranteed hotel check-in- In the event of a travel delay, can assist in calling the customer’s hotel to guarantee a late arrival check-in. We will also guarantee a hotel in the event the customer has had their credit card stolen/lost.



Restaurant referrals and reservations - Worldwide dining referrals and reservations made on behalf of the customer, based on availability.

Event Ticketing - Assistance with obtaining tickets to sporting, theater, concerts, and other events, based on availability.

Ground transportation coordination – Coordination of car or limo arrangements including transportation to and from the airport, hotel, meetings, and more.

Golf tee time reservations and referrals - Assistance with scheduling tee times and making course recommendations, based on availability.

Wireless device assistance- Assistance with cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other wireless devices, such as locating carrier stores, technicians, repair shops, and replacement services when a device is lost, stolen, or inoperable.

Latest worldwide weather and ski reports- 24/7 update on destination weather as well as ski conditions throughout the world.

Floral Services - Coordination of flower delivery for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions.

Private air charter assistance- Coordination with Private air charters to gain access, availability, and booking.

Cruise charter assistance- Assistance with establishing availability and booking of cruise charters. 

Latest sports scores- 24/7 updates on sports scores.

Find, wrap, and deliver one-of-a-kind gifts- Assistance in finding unique gifts for friends and family, including gift wrapping and delivery. 

Movie and theater information- Assistance with obtaining information about movie or theater events playing within a specific area. Travel Guard also obtains tickets to theater or movie events, based on availability. 

Latest stock quotes- Up-to-the-minute stock quotes.

Special occasion reminders and gift ideas- Never miss a birthday, anniversary, or special day while traveling. All special occasions are kept within Travel Guard. Client Services database and a reminder is sent 48 hours prior to the day. Coordination of finding unique gifts for friends and family, including gift wrapping and delivery are included.

Local activity recommendations- Worldwide local activity referrals and reservations are made based on availability.

SECURITY ASSISTANCE                                                                                     

Security evacuation assistance– immediate on-the-ground physical response to help travelers in life-threatening security situations, anywhere in the world.

Immediate 24-hour support services - employees and their families can receive support and information 24/7/365 during an incident involving personal security and/or safety; in-language support is available. Services are available online, via phone, or by e-mail.

Security and safety advisories, - receive up-to-the-minute information on current situations and threats from security specialists.

Global risk analysis – in-depth global risk analysis by country/city 

Consultation with security specialists – discuss any safety concerns for your travel location or if you need immediate assistance while you are away.

Consultant referrals to extract client to safety- assist the customer to be extracted safely from a dangerous situation/event to the nearest safe-haven 

Personalized Security Reports - Providing in-depth information for over 160 countries and 80 cities worldwide, we will provide security advice on how to keep your employees, group participants and travelers both safe and secure.

Confidential Storage of Personal Profile - provide a secure database of relevant customer data (medical data, credit card information and others) and transmit this information to requested contacts.

Up-to-the-minute information on current world situations – provide updates on political instability, civil unrest, disease outbreaks, crime patterns & terrorism news from around the world.

Language Translation Support – provide language translation services to you’re your employees to stay informed while they are abroad.

Urgent Message Alerts and Relays- after providing travel itinerary details or locations of special interest, receive alerts on evolving situations in those areas that would impact travel to them.