To help protect GU’s assets, our insurance carrier requires a signed Activity Waiver for each activity and from each participant. An individual should not be allowed to participate in your activity without first submitting the form. If an activity is continuous, such as a club event off campus monthly, the waiver may be completed once for the academic year by inserting the first and last day of the academic year for the dates of the activity.

What is an activity? 

It depends on the participant.

For faculty, staff, and students, an activity is an event outside of the normal university daily routine.

For Volunteers an activity waiver is always required.

If the outside community is invited to participate, an activity waiver is required.

Examples (not all encompassing):    

  • Events involving travel of any kind - e.g. Walk About, Interterm, mission trips, travel abroad, choir trip, etc.)
  • Activities where the participant might sustain harm - e.g. Mud Run, rock climbing, intramural sports, bounce houses or other inflatables, picking up trash along the highway, 5k run, Car Smash, etc.
  • Involves power tools                 

Here are the few instances when an activity waiver is not required

  • Employees – if the activity is within their normal job duties
  • Students – If the activity is related to a class in which they are enrolled
  • Student-Athletes – If the activity is either a practice or a game for their team sport (this does not include intramurals)


  1. Share the following items with all participants (needed to complete the form)
  • Activity Waiver link(s)

            GU Activity Waiver For anyone with a email address

            Community Activity Waiver All others 

            Please note: if the participant is under the age of 18, their parent or guardian must complete the form.

  • Name of the Activity
  • email address of the Activity Sponsor
  1. Participant completes and submits the form
  2. Activity Sponsor receives an email from with a link to the completed form
  3. Sponsor reviews the completed form
  4. Sponsor signs the form by typing in their name
  5. Sponsor Submits the form (see picture below)
  6. Etrieve securely stores the document




It is a good idea to have access to a cell phone or tablet in the event a participant shows up and has not completed the waiver. This is also a great way to handle events where you don’t know who will be coming (e.g., Spring Fling Bounce House, Back to School Bash 3-legged race, Bonfire Event, etc.)